Government’s post-Brexit immigration target literally impossible to deliver

One of the government’s post-Brexit immigration targets is literally impossible to deliver, according to a fact checking platform.

Earlier this week, Boris Johnson claimed his new immigration policy would lead to “an overnight reduction in unskilled EU migrants of about 90,000 a year”.


The thing is, as Full Fact spelled out, unskilled EU migration is already less than 90,000 a year – so it’s physically impossible for Johnson to deliver this promise (unless he deports some migrants, which as we’ve seen this week isn’t out of the question).

As the fact checking charity points out:

“If there are only 90,000 EU migrants coming to the UK for work and roughly 32,500 (half of 65,000) are skilled, then around 57,500 must be unskilled. You can’t reduce 57,500 by 90,000.”

The government plans to enforce a points-based immigration system, where immigrants have to prove they will contribute to the UK before they’re allowed in. Judging by this, we should put most of the cabinet on the next boat out of here – including Boris Johnson.



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