Government “Get Ready for Brexit” adverts accidentally fund anti-Brexit billboard campaign

The government’s “Get Ready for Brexit” adverts have accidentally helped to fund legendary anti-Brexit billboard campaigners, Led By Donkeys.

The government has used its whopping £100m Brexit propaganda budget to plaster adverts wherever possible. Some of them even appeared on the “Remainiacs podcast,” an anti-Brexit podcast hosted by Ian Dunt and others.


And so, Dunt has this morning announced that the £1,500 made by the podcast from the Brexit adverts has been donated to another worthy cause -Led By Donkeys.

Led By Donkeys have plastered the country with brilliant anti-Brexit billboards in recent weeks, highlighting the hypocrisy of government ministers and generally taking the piss out of Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Their latest campaign will see spoof “Get Ready for Brexit” adverts (similar to the one below) put up on giant billboards across the country.

This means the government has inadvertently helped to fund a massive counter advertising campaign. Top work, Boris/Dom.

11 responses to “Government “Get Ready for Brexit” adverts accidentally fund anti-Brexit billboard campaign

  1. The comments here, by those opposed to democracy are truly sad. All these self righteous types who say “the poor stupid people who voted the wrong way didn’t know what they voted for.”

    Arrogant snowflakes.

    1. Democracy is being able to change your mind …….

      If you feel stupid don’t worry we can all do stupid things .

      Let’s just sort out the self seeking nasty Cummings and his puppet cabinet …….

    2. Speaking out because the corrupt millionaire politicians are taking away the democratic processes, so that the minority 17.4 million angry mob of 60 million population, can have their own way no matter how misguided or dis-advantageous it will be to everyone, is the true meaning of democracy, not anti-democratic. Your words are no more that the given matra of the ill-informed brexit suicide brigade – no rational argument just name calling.

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