Government gives “free advertising” to firm run by Brexit Party MEP

The government appears to have given free advertising to a business run by a Brexit Party MEP and friend of Boris Johnson, it has emerged.

A video posted by the government on social media features H. Forman and Son, a salmon business run by Lance Forman, Brexit Party MEP for London, in an advert detailing how businesses have prepared for Brexit.


The video features people who work for the business, explaining what it has done to prepare for Brexit, and comes as part of the government’s recently launched £100m “Get Ready for Brexit” advertising campaign.

But while the advert is primarily focused on Brexit, it seems inevitable that Forman’s salmon business will benefit from the mass exposure.

Otto English, a freelance journalist, called it “outrageous free advertising,” while Jonathan Portes, professor of Economics at King’s College London, said the advert “looked terrible” and was “certainly a proprietary issue.”

Steve Peers, a law professor at the University of Essex, also questioned whether the advert was in breach of a civil service code, which sets out behaviours and conflicts of interest for those working within government.

What’s more, Forman’s political background is not the only conflict of interest in this advert. He also has links to the Conservative Party.

Forman was previously a special adviser to ex-Tory cabinet member, Peter Lilley, and seems to be pals with the Prime Minister himself, judging by various chummy photos of the two on Twitter.

In fact, Boris actually opened the headquarters of H. Forman and Son, while he was Mayor of London.

This comes after Johnson has been accused of giving perks to an old friend in the “technology” industry, while he was Mayor of London.

It seems that Boris has certainly helped his friends at regular intervals throughout his political career, whether intentionally or not.

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