Coronavirus: Backlash forces government to drop rental evictions policy

The government has changed its stance on rental evictions after pressure from campaigners.

As Scram News reported earlier this week, the government was allowing ongoing evictions to continue – despite promising that no-one would be kicked out of their home due to coronavirus.


According to housing charity shelter, this put 20,000 people at risk of being turfed out of their accommodation.

However, after a public backlash, the government has now reformed its stance.

Last night, it was announced that all ongoing eviction cases will be suspended for three months.

“This means that neither cases currently in the or any about to go in the system can progress to the stage where someone could be evicted,” the government says.

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, public pressure is changing things.

Yesterday, Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin reversed on his earlier decision not to set the next pay date for his staff.

And, this morning, Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley apologised for trying to keep stores open and has offered a fleet of lorries to help the NHS.

This is a national emergency, and we need to make sure no-one is left behind.


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