Brexit trade deals

Government has only agreed half the trade deals it promised to deliver after Brexit

The government has only signed half the trade deals it promised to deliver post-Brexit, it has emerged.

The government’s own analysis shows that the UK has signed 20 “continuity” deals with territories it already traded with while in the EU, and has not made any new deals. These 20 agreements represent just over 8% of total UK trade.


As part of EU membership, Britain was automatically part of some 40 trade deals with more than 70 countries. In 2017, then International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said Britain would immediately roll over all of these deals after Brexit.

But it turns out the government has failed to keep its promise (shocker), and has only rolled over half of the agreements we enjoyed in the EU.

Now that Brexit has happened, the government is desperately trying to sign the remaining agreements, all while negotiating ambitious deals with new countries like America and Australia. A monumental task for the UK, given we haven’t independently negotiated a trade deal in years.

Last year, a new website was launched to mock the Tories for failing to get new trade deals. This year, it seems the website is as relevant as ever.

Brexit will hammer our economy. The government’s failure to negotiate trade deals only proves that further.


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