General election: Tactical voting could oust Brexiteer Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab could be dumped out of the House of Commons through tactical voting, according to new polling.

Survation have conducted a poll that shows the anti-Brexit Liberal Democrats have surged in Raab’s seat of Esher and Walton, and could steal the seat if anti-Tory voters coalesce around their candidate.


The Survation poll shows Raab ahead on 45% of the vote – a fall on 14% on the last election. The Lib Dems are then in second with 36% (a surge of 19%), with Labour on 11% and the Greens on 3%.

Therefore, if the majority of Labour and Green voters ditch their traditional party loyalties and cast their ballot for the Lib Dems, they could hand a P45 to one of the leading figures in Boris Johnson’s government.

Many voters will understandably be reticent about breaking a lifetime of voting habits, but I think we can all agree that the reward would be huge.

6 responses to “General election: Tactical voting could oust Brexiteer Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab

  1. please please please vote labour the only thing they have on labour is he talks to the people who are bombed by more powerful people well good on him . this ex labour mp on leaving the first thing he said is he talks to hesberla [sorry for my spelling ] but who cares if it saves one kid from a people who have all the money.

  2. Gift him the seat by voting Labour, you mean Brian.

    He can only be ousted if all the opposition voters vote for the same party; and the opposition party that’s way ahead of the others (in his constituency) is LibDems.

    In many other marginal constituencies it’s Labour – and there, I’d encourage LibDems to support Labour, as at least Labour will give us a People’s Vote.

  3. The worst result is Johnson returning to No10,I believe he mirrors Trump .If you want to Remain in the EU, if you want a welfare state and a secure NHS, vote tactically. It may result in a hung parliament with Labour depending on The Liberal Democrats, the Greens ,Plaid cymru and the SNP for support, but that must be better than Johnson and his ‘Britain in Chains’ colleagues in power.We can then work in a progressive pact for equality ,justice,a green deal,within the EU.

  4. I live in Raab’s seat, and I cannot vote for the Lib Dems after the coalition. As nice as it would be to get rid of Raab, the Lib Dems betrayed their voters before and will do the same again if it gives them a chance of power.

    1. So you’d rather have Raab and ensure the Conservatives have power. Don’t need Lib Dems to “betray” anyone in that circumstance – Tories can do what they want unconstrained. Those proposing to vote Labour – ditch the loyalty, vote Raab out. It doesn’t matter if Lib Dem elected as Lib Dem or Labour sees Tories out. Need to do what’s best for the country overall – which clearly is anything except Johnson to wreak havoc and avoid scrutiny. He is using the media to paint a narrative against Corbyn. See through it – I would vote Lib Dem, although, in my constituency, I need to vote Labour. I agree Lib Dems let us down over the coalition – although Tories then even worse on their own/with the DUP (that they Tories have themselves now let down). Lib Dem is route to Labour and democratic say – Johnson wants to push his deal through that will damage the vast majority and no-one voted for it. Vote Tory and you get Tory, more years of austerity after the economy collapses after his deal.

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