General election: Leading Tory Brexiteer facing shock challenge from Liberal Democrats

A leading Tory Brexiteer MP could be ousted by the Liberal Democrats in a shock general election challenge, a poll has found.

According to a survey by Survation, John Redwood, Tory MP for Wokingham, could struggle to keep his seat in Parliament, with fewer constituents reporting that they would vote for the incumbent politician.


Redwood, who has served the constituency since 1987, is now polling at 42%, a 15% decline in his 2017 share. Meanwhile Phillip Lee, the Lib Dem challenger, may well surpass his opponent in six weeks time, as 38% of constituents would vote for him- a sharp increase from the 16% who voted for the Lib Dems in 2017.

Phillip Lee was the Tory MP for Bracknell until September, when he crossed the benches to sit with the Lib Dems, causing Boris Johnson to lose his majority. Speaking about his defection, he said that Jacob Rees-Mogg, who is facing calls to resign over his comments about Grenfell, contributed to his decision to resign because of the way he spoke to a doctor on the radio about medicine shortages in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Now, the whole of Wokingham could similarly cross the benches and opt to out Brexiteer Redwood in favour of a Remain backing MP.

We hope it happens.

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  1. Redwood is the most objectionable,arrogant,patronizing, Tory shit I have ever seen.I cannot see him without going into a rage , wish I could meet him in person!! Would definitely INSULT him,& risk consequences. Perhaps if he sees this he could arrange a meet,am 74yrs old so can give him at least 10yrs! Sure he hasnt got the guts. R.JWILDE

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