General election date intended to stop students from voting, says Boris advisor

A member of Boris Johnson’s team has admitted that the Prime Minister’s suggested date for an early general election is designed in part to limit the number of students registering to vote.

An aide to the Prime Minister told The Times that an early election would mean students have less time to register to vote. The suggested date, 15th October, is also at the beginning of the university term – meaning that many students who are registered at their home address wouldn’t be able to vote.


Young people are overwhelmingly anti-Conservative and anti-Brexit – and so Johnson is seemingly attempting to rig the political system to prevent their democratic right to vote.

73% of 18 to 24 year-old voted Remain in 2016, which means a high turnout among this age bracket could easily scupper Johnson’s efforts to gain a majority.

The problem for Johnson is that a massive voter registration drive is already underway to get people on the electoral roll. Reports of an early general election have spurred 200,000 people to sign up this week alone.

If you want to stop this Boris Johnson dictatorship, you’ve got to register to vote, and chuck him and his cronies out of Downing Street.

Register here https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote and encourage everyone else you know to do the same:

5 responses to “General election date intended to stop students from voting, says Boris advisor

  1. Please, Foreign people,
    Do not vote against the British people who have been kind to you.
    YOU have no moral right to do so. You should not even have our vote.
    Do not kick us when we are down.

  2. We should not have a vote brexit should not be delayed we should come out with or without a deal on that date it is gone on too long now they didn’t listen to the first folk so are they going to listen to a second vote if it turns out that we want to come out again this there a point we all had a chance to vote and them who says they did not vote then that is there problem the vote from the first should not be overturned because people could not be bothered to vote

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