General election: Government minister mocked for “Alan Partridge” campaign moment

The Conservative election campaign has reached its second phase.

The first was unabashed, smug elitism – epitomised by the insulting comments of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Andrew Bridgen about the Grenfell Tower victims.


The second is the “Alan Partridge” phase, where the cheesy, forced enthusiasm of Tory MPs makes us cringe until our skin peels off.

Satirical TV personality Alan Partridge (left), Health Secretary Matt Hancock (right)

Unsurprisingly, Health Secretary and resident embarrassing dad Matt Hancock is leading this effort, as demonstrated in a video posted on social media this morning.

Looking like he had just taken a p*ss in a hedge, Hancock stumbles towards the camera and says: “It’s Yorkshire. It’s before 7 in the morning. It’s raining. And we’re ready to go.”

I don’t know which smart-arse communications adviser told Hancock to record this witty clip, but they should be fired immediately.

One response to “General election: Government minister mocked for “Alan Partridge” campaign moment

  1. Reece mog is a Conservative the grenfel Tower is in a Conservative council. Grenfel Tower is owned by a tory doner. That is a clear case off conflict of I interest. The Conservatives should be charged with making unsafe laws and the grenfel tower owner should be in prison. This won’t happen becouse there is one rule for the toffe scum ruling us ane one for every one else. Tories generally seem to be at best sociopathic so they don’t care to seek justice at any rate.

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