General election: Far-right figure standing against MP she “harassed”

A far-right figure accused of harassing an MP is running for Parliament in a constituency she is banned from entering, Scram News can reveal.

According to a video shared on far-right haven Telegram, Amy Dalla Mura, who goes by the online persona “based Amy,” is to stand for the far-right English Democrats in Broxtowe, against the incumbent MP Anna Soubry – who she has been accused of harassing.


Dalla Mura is currently facing harassment charges, after Anna Soubry, a former Tory MP who now leads Change UK, said that she disrupted multiple of her events earlier this year.

Speaking in court, Soubry said she was left “in fear for her own safety” and afraid to use public transport due to Dalla Mura’s behaviour. She added:

“This defendant has frightened me more than anybody else. My fear in relation to this woman and her unusual obsessive behaviour led me to be more frightened than ever.”

The accusations made against Dalla Mura mean she is banned from Broxtowe.

This news come in an increasingly toxic political environment. In 2016, Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by a far-right activist and Jess Phillips has spoken out against the fact that UKIP’s Carl Benjamin, who “joked” about raping her, was allowed to stand for European Parliament.

And Dalla Mura is not the only far-right hate monger to stand against Soubry. James Goddard, a Tommy Robinson supporter who pled guilty to harassing Soubry earlier this year after calling her a “Nazi” and a “traitor,” was previously also standing in the constituency – creating the sense that this is a co-ordinated attack against the MP.

Dalla Mura’s candidacy has been endorsed by the far-right group Britain First, and the party she is standing for – the English Democrats – has been described by the anti-racism group HOPE not hate as a “nationalist, anti-immigration, anti-Islam” party.

We recently revealed that a Brexit Party candidate had donated to the English Democrats, due to their stance on Brexit.

All things considered, Dalla Mura’s ban from the constituency she wishes to represent will probably make canvassing slightly difficult.


James Goddard isn’t standing against Soubry anymore. Apparently he filled out the forms incorrectly. What a mug.