General election: 50 Labour candidates pledge to campaign for Remain in second referendum

Some 50 Labour Party candidates have signed a pledge to campaign for Remain in a second referendum, it has been revealed.

Working with the campaign group Remain Labour, over 50 candidates, including leading backbenchers David Lammy and Peter Kyle, have signed the pledge, which commits them to Remain during a second referendum campaign.


It says: “Labour is committed to a confirmatory referendum, to give you a final say on Brexit. If elected as your Labour MP, I pledge to campaign to Remain in the EU”.

Yesterday, campaign group Unite to Remain announced an electoral pact between candidates from the Liberal Democtats, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party whereupon only one candidate from the parties will stand in 60 seats, to avoid splitting the Remain vote.

While taking some time to form an official Brexit policy, the Labour Party has pledged to negotiate a new deal with the EU then hold a second referendum on that deal. The party would then remain neutral during the course of the referendum.

But now, 50 errant candidates have declared that, if elected, they will unabashedly campaign for Remain, despite their party’s neutral stance.

Andrew Lewin, founder of Remain Labour, said:

“The only route to staying in the EU is through electing a Labour government on December the 12th. The party is already committed to putting Brexit back to the people and I am delighted that more than 50 parliamentary candidates have already pledged to campaign to Remain in the EU in all circumstances.​

“Remain voters want to vote for the Labour Party with confidence at this election. Our pledge will help candidates in England, Scotland and Wales to underline that the Labour Party is the strongest Remain Alliance in the country.”  

Let’s hope the party leadership comes around to this approach.

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