Rishi Sunak

Furloughed workers facing financial ruin protest government inaction

Workers who have been excluded from the government’s coronavirus pay protection scheme are protesting against inaction from ministers.

Writing on Twitter, thousands of people are tweeting Rishi Sunak and using the hashtag #newstarterprotest, to raise awareness about those who will not receive financial support from the government during the pandemic, due to a loophole in the job retention scheme.


Last month, Scram News revealed that workers employed by companies from March 2020 and since furloughed will receive no government support due to an arbitrary cut-off date of 28th February.

But despite numerous outlets picking up the story, a popular petition and pressure from opposition politicians, the government has not budged and will not be supporting those currently exempt from the scheme, claiming they’re trying to avoid fraud.

Writing on Twitter, one user said: “How can you use a date when there was no sign a lock down was coming! You never gave warning to stay put or start new job before the magic date of 28th Feb.”

While another added:

The government needs to act, fast.


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