Former leading Tories mount attack on Boris Johnson over “insufficient” coronavirus measures

Two former leading Conservatives have blasted Boris Johnson for not doing enough to protect workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking in the House of Commons, former Business Secretary Greg Clark said the government’s economic policies, announced earlier this week, are nowhere near good enough.


Clark called on the government to pay people’s wages for the next few weeks to avoid skyrocketing unemployment.

“Instead of firms paying PAYE to the government, that flow should now be reversed with the nation paying the wages of people for the next few weeks, if and only if they continue to employ their staff,” Clark said.

Backing up Clark’s criticism of the government, former Home Secretary Amber Rudd chipped in on Twitter:

When even diehard Conservatives are calling on the government to pump massive amounts of money in the economy, you know it’s time to turn on the spending taps.


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