Former Labour politician who defected to the Lib Dems before supporting the Brexit Party has now joined the Conservatives

A former Labour councillor who joined the Lib Dems before defecting to the Brexit Party has now become a Conservative.

According to Rochdale Online, local Councillor Kath Nickson has joined the Conservative Party – meaning she has represented three different political parties since being elected in 2014, and has also expressed unofficial support for the Brexit Party.


Speaking to the publication, Nickson said: “It has been six years since I was elected to the council and feel that, eventually I have found my political identity.”

Nickson caused upset in her local Liberal Democrat group last summer by announcing she planned to join the Brexit Party. While she ultimately didn’t follow through on the move, she was briefly listed as belonging to the Brexit Party on the council’s website. She had defected from Labour to the Lib Dems in early 2019.

Nickson’s only regret will perhaps be that she never managed to add Change UK to her list.