“Like deliberately blowing your own foot off”: Former Conservative leader blasts Boris Johnson

Former Conservative leader William Hague has condemned Boris Johnson for dumping 21 MPs who rebelled against the government last week.

Writing in The Telegraph, Hague says that Johnson’s decision was “the most egregious and counter-productive act of self-harm” that he has seen by a Conservative leader during his lifetime.


Hague also seems to swipe at Johnson’s enforcer, Dominic Cummings. Writing about Nicholas Soames, Churchill’s grandson, who was dumped by Boris last week, he says: “I cannot accept that he can be tossed out of the party after one rebellion on the whim of advisers who have only just turned up.”


And, as for the general election that Johnson has been banging on about, Hague rightly points out that the Tories are in a much weaker position than before. He says that the former Tory MPs, who rebelled against Johnson by opposing no deal, will mount strong challenges in their constituencies, if they run as independents or defect to other parties.

Summarising the PM’s move quite brilliantly and bluntly, Hague says: “It is like showing strength before an important race by deliberately blowing your foot off.”

I think it’s safe to say William Hague isn’t a massive fan of Boris Johnson’s premiership so far.

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