Former Brexit Party digital chief joins right-wing news platform Guido Fawkes

The Brexit Party’s former head of digital, Steven Edginton, is to join right-wing trash website Guido Fawkes as a reporter, it has emerged.

According to Press Gazette, the former Brexit Party staffer will join the right-wing political blogging site as it looks to increase its staff in the run up to a general election.


Edginton’s notoriety exploded in July, after it was revealed that he was the “journalist” behind the Darroch diplomatic cables. The story exposed that now former UK-US Ambassador Kim Darroch had made withering comments about Donald Trump.

However, after being catapulted into the spotlight of the national media, Edginton took every effort to hide the fact that he was not in fact a journalist, but was working as head of digital at the Brexit Party.

Edginton will join a prominent team of non-journalists, including Tom Harwood, who is frequently upset by climate change protestors, and Paul Staines, who ran a data-gathering campaign for Boris Johnson’s recent Conservative Party leadership bid.

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