EXCLUSIVE: Female MPs receive vast majority of racist, homophobic letters amid surge in abuse

Female MPs have received two-thirds of all racist and homophobic letters sent to MPs since the start of 2016, while the overall number of these letters has dramatically increased, Scram News can reveal.

According to data from the Metropolitan Police, obtained by a Freedom of Information request, female MPs have received 40 racist or homophobic letters since 2016, while male MPs have received 20.


This is despite the fact that roughly just 30% of MPs are women.

Meanwhile, the number of abusive letters sent to MPs has increased by 680%, from five in 2016 to 39 in 2018.

In reality, it’s likely these figures are much higher, since not all letters will have been reported to the police. What’s more, the Met only logs the most serious cases – the letters that are severe enough to constitute a hate crime.

This revelation comes amid rising concerns about the toxic nature of British politics. Last month, Labour MP Jess Phillips revealed she had received an anonymous death threat on Twitter, which used the same language Boris Johnson has adopted in the past.

In July, Scram News also reported that MPs had uncovered secret Facebook groups where death threats to MPs are rife. This is all not forgetting that, in 2016, Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered in her constituency.

Of the racist and homophobic letters sent to MPs since 2016, 54 were classed as racist and three as homophobic. The remaining three were deemed both racist and homophobic.

Last week, a parliamentary report found that violent threats to MPs have become “commonplace”. It’s clear we need to tackle this problem, before politics is poisoned for good.

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