Farage: Young people are indoctrinated to believe in global warming

Nigel Farage has said that young people are being lured into the green movement by our school system.

Farage made the remarks in an interview with the controversial right-wing American activist Candace Owens on her YouTube channel.


The leader of the Brexit Party said that environmentalism is “not taught objectively in schools.” He went on to lament the fact that climate change is taught as a fact and that there is “no debate about carbon dioxide and global warming”.

Farage also made the wider claim that Marxism is being reborn through youth-led green movements. He said: “What you’re now seeing in Europe and Australia is the growth of these youth-led, urban, green movements that are in fact Marxist socialism coming back in a different guise.”

In his tirade against socialism, Farage made the additional claim that the crimes of Stalin and Mao should be given as much historical weight as the crimes of Hitler.

Owens, the host, has been criticised in the past for explaining Hitler’s motives. She once said that the problem with Hitler was that he was a “globalist” not a nationalist.

Owens is a divisive figure who used to be Communications Director of the pro-Trump student movement Turning Point USA. She has been accused of peddling conspiracy theories and hate. Among other things, she once claimed that the KKK is linked to the Democrats.

While these comments would seem abhorrent to most people, this didn’t stop Farage from giving a chummy interview to the disgraced activist.

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