Farage: Young people are indoctrinated to believe in global warming

Nigel Farage has said that young people are being lured into the green movement by our school system.

Farage made the remarks in an interview with the controversial right-wing American activist Candace Owens on her YouTube channel.


The leader of the Brexit Party said that environmentalism is “not taught objectively in schools.” He went on to lament the fact that climate change is taught as a fact and that there is “no debate about carbon dioxide and global warming”.

Farage also made the wider claim that Marxism is being reborn through youth-led green movements. He said: “What you’re now seeing in Europe and Australia is the growth of these youth-led, urban, green movements that are in fact Marxist socialism coming back in a different guise.”

In his tirade against socialism, Farage made the additional claim that the crimes of Stalin and Mao should be given as much historical weight as the crimes of Hitler.

Owens, the host, has been criticised in the past for explaining Hitler’s motives. She once said that the problem with Hitler was that he was a “globalist” not a nationalist.

Owens is a divisive figure who used to be Communications Director of the pro-Trump student movement Turning Point USA. She has been accused of peddling conspiracy theories and hate. Among other things, she once claimed that the KKK is linked to the Democrats.

While these comments would seem abhorrent to most people, this didn’t stop Farage from giving a chummy interview to the disgraced activist.

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35 responses to “Farage: Young people are indoctrinated to believe in global warming

  1. Hitler would have been proud of Farridge expressing such fascist views on a par with those of his own Nazi Party! Despite the hard earned democratic right to freedom of speech it’s about time that he should be silenced by being prosecuted for attempting to foment this sort of hatred!

    1. For record. My niece told her grandmother that they were the ones that were destroying the planet. This is from an 8 year old, who learnt it at school. Facts, but no context. No bloody idea!

  2. This is another shameful right-wing attempt to dismiss experts as cranks. It really is high time Nigel Farage, and people of his stamp, either informed us of their scientific qualifications or let us know why they feel so entitled to state opinions that have no discernable scientific evidence to support them.

  3. Well I dont like brexit and I certainly dont like M. FARAGE, however, it would be as well to know all the facts about an issue before screaming too loudly about it. Why not google atmospheric pollution for london 1900 to date and see the real statistics? Also take a look at actual sea level changes too. Also be aware that in England the average temperates ere not just a degree or two warmer in the Roman epoche, it was a full ten grees warmer. Pollution due to the excreta of horses by 1904 was worse than that caused by I C engines which actually solved that problem…. there were international meetings over its solution.Be certain that we already pay more in penalty taxation over pollution than the major polluters in the world those being china and india.

    1. CO2 levels hv been rising rapidly since the Industrial Revolution which the year 1904 fits in to. And temperatures may hv been hotter during the Roman era but they did fall back. There is no end in sight for this warming

      1. Wm. Are you a climatologist? Are you a scientist? No?
        People who deny climate change seem to forget that scientists invented or discovered the medicines that they or their loved ones depend on, the communication satellites that carry their GPS signal, the aircraft that they fly in, the gas fracked from the ground, the metal in their car and the DNA that the police use to catch murderers. Even the computers they use to read this message. Science underpins our everyday existence and takes us a long way towards our understanding of the universe around us and our place in it.
        Climate change deniers accept all this as normal in their everyday lives, they never doubt it and they trust the scientists with their lives. They believe in the underlying science knowing that its been exhaustively tested and proven by hundreds of scientists who are leaders in their fields. They accept it.
        So why, when 97% of climate scientists say that human activity is causing climate change and we must alter our behaviour to help prevent this disaster and that its been extensively proven, do people say the scientists are wrong?

        1. Wake up dear. The value of the scientists opinion was realised to be such high value, the powers that be took Germany’s scientists and brought them back to U.S.A and U.K.
          As everyone rarely argues with so called facts, scientists are like the soothsayers of modern times. Look at it this way.
          Im a scientist ok..(untrue, I’m an inventor, people who created cars e.g)
          and I’ve just discovered alien life (you have no reason or proof to believe it doesn’t exist) and they are headed this way.
          Now, ask yourself (as this is a perfect example of why some truths must be hidden until the world can handle it), would you as prime minister or president just reveal all this raw data to the public? Or start writing it in books ? No? Why? Don’t answer, I’ll tell you….because you would have anarchy. Religions would break down, civil wars global doom ensues.
          Is the earth flat? No ? Send me a photo of the world taken by NASA from space that shows the entire planet. There isnt one, why? We can travel to Mars but we can’t take a photo of the earth showing its round for all to see? Here’s the secret….ssh..we can’t get into space. But we are now really good at replicating the evidence, or should I say Hollywood are. Why haven’t we been back to the moon? You have to answer all these with some degree of actual fact or I will continue to believe the world is Apple shaped as I believe our planet is one giant magnet, hence gravity and the question over it’s actual definition.
          These kind of ways of thinking should create new pathways for humans to explore, not be classified.
          You seem to think your leaders/government/control methods are open and honest with you and have no agenda but the will of the people and no corruption, lies or murdering of one’s own people in order to control the masses exists ?
          Then you’ve been asleep too long. You need to unplug my lovely. But this is dangerous and some folk will die to protect their beautifully casted bubble from which they protect themselves with by simply using sand as a camouflage.
          Naive, naive, naive.
          You are way behind the curve. Go read some more books (not from school!!) and look online for any updates on these issues and you might see.
          I’ll give you one. Scientists apparently tested coffee once and said “ooh, this stuff is bad for your heart”
          Then, just last week, the scientists did another test (you know, bit like the referendum, didn’t want to believe the first test) and lo and behold, guess what? Coffee doesn’t give you heart attacks anymore!
          So…..are they right all the time? Yes? Then I have no more time for you. Stay plugged in. It’s safer for you ok.

          1. You rather obviously have not the faintest clue how science actually works. Go away and read about scientific method, Karl Popper falsifiability tests and so on. After you have understood all that, you may then have the right to comment. Until that point is reached just shut up.
            Yes I do have a Physics degree gained with extremely hard work.

    2. What a breath of fresh air Mr/Mrs/Ms Wright. Thank you for bringing a smile to face, critical thinking is not dead. Yet! I’m sorry you don’t like brexit. We have a process called democracy. If you don’t agree with democracy, why not have a vote on it 😏

  4. Farage is a conman who licks trumps backside lies and is involved with Russians thoroughly take Assange he visited him a number of times Suspicious???? He is a servant like trump to Russians he is a nasty piece of work

  5. I am almost 60 years old, and I believe in the climate crisis. I worry about the future for my grandchildren and my future great grandchildren. I have written my first novel, about a plan to save the planet. It’s called The First President of Earth. It’s my vision of an ideal world.

  6. The trouble with peoples replies
    To this subject is lack of research and real facts there is a modeler used globaly which uses multiple models around the world which they group together and used to take an average. Of temperature rise But all the models are base on pure best guess. Ironically there is a model that’s not included in the calculations. And it’s Russian and apparently it’s very acurate. And when. You look at the global temperature from that single model follows a very different line. Shows very little to no global warming. Only shows a global rythm of slight rise and fall as it has done over centurys

    1. @Sw I guess by “research” you mean articles that agree with your presumption. The issue of CO2-driven climate change has been known since the start of the 20th century. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence in countless peer-reviewed papers that back-up the science of man-made climate change.

    2. Most people commenting here are those kids Farage is talking about! Clueless and brainwashed. Here in Scotland used to be a rainforest. Not now clearly! The above comment about the measurements in Global warming proving there has been little to no warming is most sensible! To you who call Farage a fascist, clearly you have no idea what a fascist is. Fascism is what remainers are. Now children go do some real research. There is no doubt we need to cut down on fossil fules as that’s robbing our great mother. Climate change is an agenda! Farage is right on all points here. You who are triggered need to wake up! How the elite have you whipped!

  7. Trying to create doubt is a common tactic used to prevent politicians from taking action. Politicians like certainty. The Montreal Protocol is a good example of an international agreement on action to solve a climate issue , in that case banning CFCs to prevent the ozone hole from getting bigger. In that case the cause was proven and the size of the hole was measurable.
    It is easier to lay grounds for doubt with the climate as a whole as it is an extremely complicated system, despite scientific evidence for climate change being very convincing.
    On the climate, a precautionary approach needs to be taken. By the time the Thames is overflowing in to the House of Commons it will be too late. We have a large standing army just in case, when the last time the main part of the U.K. was invaded in 1066.

  8. Judging by the comments and radical bias of the article itself proves Farage’s point.
    Indoctrination, slogans, emotions and beliefs have replaced facts, truth is no longer relevant.
    Total diageace

  9. It was only a few years ago that Europe was covered in an ice sheet. Of course it has gotten warmer since and it beganecwothout any help from an industrial revolution. Is man heating the planet? Of course he is. The question really is whether it is significant. In the grand scheme of things the planet will survive anything man can do to it. Mankind may not survive but the demise of the species is inevitable anyway. We are merely temporary guardians. Any real scientist will tell you this is the only likely truth.

  10. To those on this forum who accuse commenters of being brain washed, why don’t you go and read about isotopic ratios of C13:C12, correlation with rising temp since 1850, and how only fossil fuel burning can cause the ratio to decrease. Everyone knows co2 absorbs IR radiation. Satellite data proves less heat is leaving planet than is received. All the scientific evidence is there for those who are bothered to look.

  11. Garage hasn’t the slightest clue. He’s simply kissing Trumps butt. Engratiating small minded little tw*t.

  12. Taxing everything because of climate change is just a excuse to get more money out of people. Nature has away to survive it just needs a little helping hand, humans have been neglected our planet for many years , taken peoples lively hod away we can’t do, we have to live. Council cutting trees down, reducing traffic in towns , putting speed bumps in the roads causes more pollution when cars are stopping and starting all the time. They say kids can walk to school most kids most would if the council gave the kids the school near to where they live than the other side of town. If we change plastic bottles to glass for recycle. There is loads we could do, but the government wouldn’t get tax on these little differences. The biggest problems is flying,space,satilite in space can you see that changing. I agree Farage is right.

  13. How long has the earth been warming and cooling.. Answer forever. Its just a cycle of evolution that the earth goes through… No such thing as global warming.. We had an ice age didn’t we… Well almost all this ice melted. Was this down to carbon produced by cars. Errr doubt it very much. It was a cycle of earth’s evolution

  14. Climate change does not exist! Over population and over consumption is the problem. Look at the graphs for popuation vs date and compare this to temp change/ CO2 change, extinction of animals, and deforestation. This is just the start of the puzzle, but there does seem to be a direct corrulation.

    You are probably reading this on your phone or tablet? Think what and where the the various elements, components have come from. Your call.

  15. Way to much b.s.. like saying diamonds are rare no they are not they are hard to get at .Another brain washing statement we are running out of oil see the Russian study on that subject. Switch to electric vehicles lock people into more debt. Don’t eat anything nature has provided eat crap that has been manufactured with no nutritional value whatsoever cause it’s much healthier for you lies miss information and negativity is unreal. Stop buying into the b.s.

  16. Diamonds – a false market – monopoly. That is not the same for other rare elements…yet.
    Will look at the Russian study, could be interesting.

    Question? If we had spent our money on creating clean tech instead of expensive green ego projects. Would we polluting less?

    Example: coal fired power. There are many options that have not been explored because they evil

  17. Our illustrious Fuhrer…….has spoken….all who disagree have until Halloween to bow to him or be shot as a traitor after we leave….or in his words escape from the E.U.
    My apologies to any of our German friends who read this…but that man couldn’t get elected to parliament so he now talks about a pact with the Tories to get him into power…He is trying any way he can to grab power just as Hitler did…..and many here in UK are following like sheep.
    He is wrong about climate change…but even that is used in UK to raise stealth tax……climate change is as old as the planet itself….going on over millions of years….as for it being wrongly taught in schools…..who said it was wrong…..Garage has no educational degrees…..he isn’t a qualified teacher…..he has no professional letters after his name…..he isn’t a scientist..
    …if anything he is a mouth piece….good at giving speeches…..so was Hitler……all Garage does is pedal unsubstantiated accusations……such as UK escaping the E.U…..to my knowledge UK has never been a prisoner of the E.U….so we can’t escape from anywhere…….as for the other bullshit he came out and pedalled….that Britain had to free Europe from German domination…..NO WE DID NOT…..we were part of an allied force that did that…..and unlike the Germans who then had to get on with it and rebuild their country…..so did we but we have never stopped saying how great we are……others got on with life…..He talks about how great business was before the E.U….that was 40 years ago….the world has moved on…..UK hasn’t……..Garage claims he was and is a businessman……no he isn’t……he worked as a sales person buying and selling stuff for the company…..he DIDN’T OWN IT……as for his latest stunt…..all British M.E.P.s….stood with the European parliament to their backs while they played an anthem…….that’s not clever to show total disrespect to a parliament like that…..if that’s their attitude they shouldn’t be there at all……I’m not Australian or Saudi…..or Russian……but I would always stand and respect their flags……just curtousy……..as for Anne Widdircombe……I’m ashamed to say she once represented the UK…..one last comment…..Garage says he would take us straight out of E.U….tell them to shove it…..why should the E.U. take any notice of some guy who given the chance would destroy what countries have worked for and replace it with his kind of rules…..he has no quifications…..it preaches to anyone who will listen…..much of the time lies too…….I’m neither for or against be.exit…..but I am against liars and dictators in public life…..and the one way not to get agreement with people in any negotiation is to let them know you hate and dispose them…..slag. off at every chance…..as Farage has consistently done…you may dislike the French or Germans……but you still have to negotiate with them and we all have to live together on the same planet……..why can’t we respect each other instead of people like Garage.

  18. Farage is anti-science as well as a racist. He is dangerous because he has hitched his wagon to that of the loony American right.

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