Farage hosts £220 a-person meal in Hull. Attacks “the establishment”

Self-appointed man of the people Nigel Farage hosted an expensive event in a Hilton hotel in Hull on Saturday – discussing Brexit, UKIP and Tommy Robinson.

The event, An Evening with Nigel Farage, was hosted at the hoi polloi DoubleTree Hilton hotel. General tickets cost £30, while real fans could pay £50 for VIP tickets, privileging them with the opportunity to have a signed photo with Farage.


Meanwhile, a private meal with the Brexit Party Leader before the event cost an eye-watering £220.

Farage used his event to criticise the “irresponsible” immigration policies of successive governments, while saying that “the establishment” has failed to make sure “the law is applied evenly in this land.”

Farage also turned his fire on Tommy Robinson, who he called an “out of control yob” and said that he never allowed extremists to join UKIP, when he was leader.

Farage left UKIP in 2018, stating that it had become too extreme under the leadership of Gerrard Batten, who made Tommy Robinson his advisor. He claimed the Brexit Party would be a more moderate party.

That’s ironic, considering the founding leader of the Brexit Party, Catherine Blaiklock, resigned after sharing far-right messages online.

Seems like the price of the event isn’t Farage’s only hypocrisy.

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