Far-right leader Tommy Robinson backs Boris Johnson and heaps praise on “brilliant” Home Secretary

Far-right cult leader Tommy Robinson has declared his admiration for Boris Johnson and his Cabinet, in one of his first interviews since being released from prison.

Robinson was interviewed by Ezra Levant, a right-wing Canadian commentator, for The Rebel – a site that has (for obvious reasons) been accused of giving a platform to the far-right.


Speaking about the state of British politics, Robinson said he admired Johnson, commenting:

“I like Boris Johnson. I think he’s shown himself to be a very strong leader.”

Robinson, a notorious Islamophobe, also endorsed Johnson’s Cabinet, saying it has the potential to push through Brexit and a hard-right agenda. The far-right leader also reserved special praise for the Home Secretary, saying: “I think Priti Patel is brilliant. I’ve thought that for years.”

Patel is known as a hardliner on immigration and foreign aid, and has in the past supported the reintroduction of the death penalty.

For his part, Robinson used to be the leader of the EDL – a far-right football hooligan group – as well as a member of the neo-fascist BNP.

The endorsement of Robinson says all you need to know about the direction of Boris Johnson’s government.

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