Paul Golding

Far-right nationalist Paul Golding praises Putin and says Russia is “far more democratic” than the West

Far-right hate monger Paul Golding has wrecked his self-professed “patriotic” credentials, after trashing Britain’s reputation on a Russia TV show.

Speaking to Russian TV on his recent fundraising trip to the East, Golding praised Vladimir Putin as a “strong leader” and said that Russia on the whole is “far more democratic” than the West.


Speaking about politicians in the West who he believes have “betrayed” voters, Golding said: “The governments throughout Western Europe are the same ones who have always pointed their fingers at Russia and condemned Russia’s internal affairs, when I think they’re far healthier and more democratic than in Western nations.”

Golding went on to compliment Russian autocrat Putin, saying that he’s a “strong leader who isn’t a globalist,” while saying that “it’s crazy” the West is in conflict with Russia.

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As we have reported before, Golding recently went on a trip to Russia to beg for roubles. Or, as he called it: “to discuss practical plans of cooperation, friendship and mutual assistance.”

On that trip, Golding said, “Russia is a patriotic, nationalist country that promotes all the traditionalist, Christian and Western values that Britain First cherishes so much.”

And it seems he was willing to spout his Putin adoration all over the airwaves to make friends in the former Soviet state.

To avoid false advertising, we heavily suggest to Golding that he changes the name of his party to Russia First.