Far-right leader Tommy Robinson to be released from prison this weekend

Far-right hate figure Tommy Robinson is to be released from prison this weekend, according to his team.

Posts shared on Telegram by Tommy Robinson’s inner circle say the far-right leader will be released from prison this weekend, having been jailed in July for contempt of court.


Robinson was found guilty after he filmed and harassed defendants in a court case, despite there being reporting restrictions on the trial. At the time, Tommy Robinson said he was being imprisoned for “journalism” and said he was being targeted by the establishment.

But now, despite serving just nine weeks of his nine month sentence, it appears that Tommy Robinson will be released imminently.

His supporters were quick to welcome the news. Danny Tommo, one of his team members said he intends to make a welcome home video for the far-right firebrand.

Meanwhile, Katie Hopkins posted a video on Twitter following a visit to see Robinson, confirming that he will be released on the weekend and celebrating the news.

Tommy Robinson has consistently preached Islamophobic hate and has shown himself to be thoroughly awful individual. Katie Hopkins will be in the minority of people celebrating his release.

3 responses to “Far-right leader Tommy Robinson to be released from prison this weekend

  1. Absolutely brilliant hes being released….. we as the people of this country should of stormed the prison and stopped all this . He shouldn’t of been imprisoned… the government work for us not we them and us so called far right should take a stand more ..the muslims riot create carnage get away with it so why not in thousands walk to jail storm it and deliver him back to his family .its like brexit we voted to leave yet they just wont let us leave its absolute bull shit.. when I voted to leave it was to simply leave . I didn’t vote to leave with a deal dont want
    the eu having no power or say over us what so ever……….

    1. I watch everything to do with Steven and people really do need to open there eyes … if my dead relatives could see this country now I’m telling you THEY WOULDN’T FIGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY AGAIN NO WAY…. how on earth can people not see that enoch Powell Even back what 50 years could see what was going to happen to this country and the government still ignore us lol.. we really need to take a bigger stand…. I’ve had enough and I’m sure theres thousands out there just like me and just waiting to be pushed over the edge……. it’s so obvious this mixing cultures doesn’t work so everyone back to there own countries please and there look at that no problems ,and it really is as simple as that ……… and if your ancestry is this or that you should be placed there end of all shit .

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