Far-right group targeting primary schools with propaganda campaign

A far-right group has targeted a primary school as part of an ongoing propaganda campaign.

According to York Press, a group Hundred-Handers have stuck stickers on a local primary school spreading their hate, while reports have shown them engaging in similar behaviour throughout the country.


Jonny Crawshaw, governer at the school slammed the group for their actions. He said: “To target this bile at a primary school is digusting.”

Hundred-handers are a far-right group active across the UK and in Holland. They were suspended from Twitter last year due to breaching their rules.

In January, stickers from the same group appeared in Edinburgh saying “anti-semitism is caused by Sentimsm”, while stickers saying “it’s okay to be white” were also spotted in Perth in December.

Meanwhile council members in Hull have recieved training on how to spot these stickers which also spout racist claims such as “Western civilization is white civilization”.

Stickers from the group have also appeared in Ireland last year, and last month a rally was organised by Stand Up To Racism in Ipswich against them.

The far-right have no place in any city in the UK. We must call them out whenever they crop up.


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