Far-right groups spread fake news about Muslim doctor

Far-right groups have been spreading a bizarre, fake story involving a senior UK journalist.

A tweet has been circulating far-right message boards in recent days, promoted by groups including Britain First, from Hussein Kesvani, Europe Editor of MEL magazine.


Kesvani’s tweet was posted in 2018, as a parody of anti-Muslim assumptions in Britain. It said: “I love being a doctor and whispering verses of the Quran into the ears of white babies, and therefore making them Muslims. The hospital I work for knows I have been doing this for years, but can’t strike me off because they are scared of being called racist.”

However, far-right groups have screengrabbed the tweet and are trying to convince their fans that Kesvani is a real-life doctor. In fact, Britain First even Photoshopped the tweet, so Kesvani’s name appears as “Dr. Hussein Kesvani.”

Spotting that the tweet was getting attention again, Kesvani responded by saying: “Can’t believe I have to resurrect this tweet but to all the Tommy Robinson people who keep circulating this. It is a joke.”

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