Britain First

Far-right group says it will be “right behind” the Brexit Party during general election

A notorious far-right group has given its endorsement to the Brexit Party ahead of December’s general election.

Posting on Telegram, the far-right’s new favourite social media platform, Britain First said that “the Brexit Party are the only ones fighting for a proper Brexit,” and that they’re “right behind them”.


Britain First is one of the UK’s best known Islamophobic hate groups, whose leader, Paul Golding, has been jailed in the past for religiously aggravated harassment.

However, after being chucked off Facebook in March last year, the group has fallen on hard times and has been looking abroad for financial support.

Several of the group’s key figures travelled to Russia in October to develop ties with sympathetic politicians. Hilariously, on their return, Golding was arrested by police on suspicion of terrorism-related offences (he has since been released).

As we have reported in the past, Britain First and numerous other far-right groups have been attempting to exploit Brexit to gain mainstream support for their ideas.

Now it seems they’re ready to throw their full support behind Nigel Farage’s party ahead of the general election blitz.

Not exactly an endorsement to be proud of.