Far-right figure abuses journalist and shares her phone number after negative coverage

A far-right figure has shared the contact details of a journalist and sent her abusive messages after she attempted to interview him.

Milo Yiannopoulos, former Editor of rightwing website Breitbart News, shared a screenshot of texts exchanged between himself and a female American journalist, without concealing her phone number.


The messages, which were posted to his group on messaging platform Telegram, reveal an exchange between Yiannopoulos and the journalist, in which she requests to interview him after it was reported that the far-right figure is now broke.

Responding to her request, he said: “You are WAY too ugly to interview me, sweetheart.”

He then added: “Show me your tits. I’ll rate them.”

Yiannopoulos also shared the contact details of David Uberti – a VICE journalist who published a story about the far-right figure’s income.

Posting again on Telegram, Yiannopoulos called on his followers to interrogate Uberti about the story.

The VICE article stemmed from complaints that Yiannopoulos made on Telegram that he’s struggling to “put food on the table” after being banned from mainstream social media platforms.

He added that alternate platforms like Gab, Parler and Telegram were too sparsely populated to build significant revenue. In July, we also reported that his videos were being demonetised on YouTube.

Yiannopoulos obviously wasn’t happy about journalists reporting about his money troubles, and so decided to target abuse at them. If you’re worried about bad press, this doesn’t seem like the best PR strategy.

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