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Far-right Britain First says UK should model itself on Russia

Far-right group Britain First now thinks that the UK should model itself on Russia, we can reveal.

The group is currently on a promotional tour of the authoritarian state, meeting Russian politicians and speaking on state media outlets.


According to an email sent by leader Paul Golding, Britain First officials have flown to Russia “to discuss practical plans of cooperation” with the country’s politicians.

The email said: “The Britain First team will visit the Duma to meet with members of parliament to discuss practical plans of cooperation, friendship and mutual assistance”, adding that the group hoped to establish “valuable infrastructure and services that are unobtainable in the UK”.

Lauding the politics and culture of the country, Golding said:

“Russia is a patriotic, nationalist country that promotes all the traditionalist, Christian and Western values that Britain First cherishes so much.”

This comes after Scram News revealed yesterday that Paul Golding, who has previously been jailed for hate crimes, had faked a meeting with Vladimir Putin by posting photos with a lookalike while on the foreign trip. Now, it has been revealed that the purpose of his mini-break was more than just this bizarre stunt.

During his charm offensive, Golding was also interviewed by Russian TV network, Russia 24, a state-owned broadcaster.

This is not the first time that Britain First, whose policies include preventing asylum seekers from entering the UK and castrating sexual offenders, has attempted to make foreign alliances. Last month we revealed that the group had organised meetings with Belgian far-right politicians like Marco Santi, the President of the National Democrats, to discuss ideas for collaboration.

At the time, Matthew Collins, Head of Research at campaign group HOPE not hate, said that Golding’s efforts would not be successful. He told Scram News:

“Throughout his political career Paul Golding has tried to build alliances with foreign groups and parties. His efforts in Hungary for example, were disastrous. He has also tried to cultivate links with Polish fascists and recently went to Russia to look for friends and roubles there. 

“Although he likes to travel, rarely do these friendships bear fruit. A look at the quality of his coterie – and indeed his own persona – should explain all that is needed to know here.”

However, it seems that Golding is having another crack at conquering one of the world’s biggest superpowers, to spread his vitriolic ideas.

“Building a huge profile in a patriotic superpower like Russia will pay dividends for our movement in more ways than one,” Golding said.

Looks like Britain First is fast becoming Russia First.

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