Paul Golding

Far-right Britain First reveal media strategy to “grab publicity”

The far-right leader of Britain First has revealed how he intends to use the media to “grab publicity” and “propel” the movement.

Speaking at a meeting in Manchester, Paul Golding said that he would be trying to gain press coverage of Britain First’s activities, and said that even bad press has helped grow the far-right organisation’s membership.


He said:

“I’ve got lists here of activities we’re going to be doing. We’re going to grab the headlines, we’re going to grab the publicity, we’re going to grab the attention of everyone, we’re going to propel ourselves with relentless activities.”

Recently, Britain First has received press coverage for their various “actions,” including patrolling Dover to deter asylum seekers from coming to Britain, and encouraging their members to join the Conservative Party.

Golding celebrated these “Twitter storms” and “blue tick accounts on Twitter constantly condemning us and speaking about us”.

He said: “You’ve seen a lot of it recently the big publicity splurge around our migrant patrols in Dover or when we said we’d join the Conservatives.

“We’ve got our own media database now.

“Memberships are through the roof.”

He said that the party had “grown by a third” in 2019.

Perhaps publications should exercise more discretion in covering far-right groups like Britain First, as they may well be playing into their hands.


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