Far-right Britain First leader says he wants to return to Russia “at the earliest opportunity”

The leader of far-right group Britain First has expressed his desire to return to Russia as soon as possible.

Speaking after a trial earlier this week in which he was found guilty of a terrorism offence, Paul Golding revealed his future plans.


Interviewed by fellow far-right figure Tommy Robinson on the Russian social media platform VK, Golding was asked how he was going to “celebrate” the end of the trial.

He said: “At the earliest opportunity I am back to Moscow.”

Golding was tried after he refused to cooperate with airport police when returning from Russia last year.

Golding is a big fan of Russia, and has repeatedly expressed admiration for the country and its leader Vladimir Putin.

Indeed, he likes the Russia leader so much that he has faked a meeting with him… twice.

And it seems Golding’s passion for the regime has not dissipated.