Paul Golding

Far-right Britain First leader Paul Golding banned from YouTube

The leader of far-right group Britain First has been banned from YouTube, Scram News can reveal.

In an email sent to party supporters, Paul Golding announced that YouTube has banned his channel for “multiple or severe violations” of its hate speech policy, meaning he has been permanently removed from the site.


The ban comes after Scram News revealed Golding had created the account in attempt to sidestep Britain First’s removal from the platform in 2019. Scram reported five videos published by Golding last summer, but YouTube took no action at the time.

Videos which Scram reported included one entitled “Giving the police in Rotherham a well deserved hard time!” in which Golding and his followers shout “Pedo police off our streets” at policemen.

In another video, “Combating illegal migrant crossings!” members of Britain First harass migrants and the people helping them. They say in the video that foreigners should not be given asylum and that “for all we know they are all terrorists.” They also lament the “invasion of our sovereign territory” and say “we are going to intercept them and deter them from coming.”

YouTube’s hate speech policy says that its moderators will remove content promoting “violence or hatred” against groups based on attributes including race, immigration status and nationality – and that it does not allow the promotion of conspiracy theories or the dehumanisation of people. 

It now seems YouTube has realised these videos breach its policy.

Reacting to the news, Golding said that the party would concentrate its efforts on Russian social media network VK.

He said: “Thankfully, Britain First has found a new social media home which supports freedom of speech. This new home is on the VK social network, which has been called the Facebook of Russia.”

Putin will be pleased.