Far-right Britain First fake meeting with Putin

The leader of the far-right group Britain First has faked a meeting with Putin, Scram’s photo analysts have strong reason to believe.

In a series of photos posted on the messaging site Telegram, Britain First claimed that their leader, Paul Golding, had met Vladimir Putin during his visit to Russian parliament. But, studying the photos for more than two seconds, it’s pretty clear that Britain First actually hired a Putin lookalike.


We reckon that the man in the photo is at least a few years younger than Putin. His hair appears to be different and he also has a slightly stockier build. Really, he looks nothing like the President of Russia.

It also seems blatantly obvious that the lookalike was wearing sunglasses to disguise their different eye colours.

The photos were taken during Paul Golding’s visit (that did happen) to Russia, where he and other delegates from Britain First attended an event called the International Conference of Peace-loving-Forces, organised by the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), an opposition party.

While pretending to meet Putin is by far not the worst thing Paul Golding has done, it is one of the weirder ones.

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