Far-right Britain First fake meeting with Vladimir Putin… again

The far-right group Britain First has faked a meeting with Vladimir Putin for the second time this year.

According to a photo posted on the messaging site Telegram, Ashlea Simon, who was recently appointed as leader Paul Golding’s PR officer, met with Putin to discuss “world domination” today.


However, a cursory glance at the photo reveals that the man in question is not the leader of Russia, but is instead a vague lookalike, and the same one used in a previous stunt by the party in July, when Golding posed next to the actor for a series of photos outside Russian Parliament.

According to other posts on Telegram, Britain First are in Moscow with “several items on their agenda”, including a visit to Parliament and “to build great and fruitful friendships”.

The trip follows Golding’s recent jolly to Belgium, where he conspired with other far-right leaders, but did not fake meetings with them.

The party is as bizarre as it is dangerous.