Far-right Britain First endorses Boris Johnson’s “racist” quotes

The far-right group Britain First has endorsed new Prime Minister Boris Johnson by celebrating a selection of his “politically incorrect” quotes, which others have described as “racist”.

In a blog post entitled Best Politically Incorrect Boris Quotes, the far-right group, which is openly Islamophobic, lists a number of Johnson’s quotes, including his description of Muslim women as “letter boxes” and African women having “watermelon smiles”.


The post said:

“Our new PM has a sense of humour.”

But Johnson’s quotes haven’t been met with the same glee by others. Last month, the former chair of the Conservative Party Muslim Forum attacked Johnson for his words on Muslim women and SNP MP Ian Blackford also labelled him as “racist”. Yesterday, the chairman of an Irish bank said that Johnson’s “racist language” would prevent him from hiring the new PM.

Britain First is a far-right party whose policies include abolishing the Human Rights Act, preventing asylum seekers from entering the UK and castrating sexual offenders. Both its leader, Paul Golding and its former deputy leader, Jayda Fransen have previously served jail time for religious hate crime.

Various sexist comments were also listed in the Britain First blog, including Johnson saying that his successor at the Spectator should “just pat [Kimberly Quinn, the magazine’s publisher at the time] on the bottom and send her on her way.”

These were featured alongside numerous homophobic remarks from Johnson – not a quote from one of his books that said, “If gay marriage was OK – and I was uncertain on the issue – then I saw no reason in principle why a union should not be consecrated between three men, as well as two men, or indeed three men and a dog.”

If Boris Johnson’s “gaffes” are being used by far-right hate groups to legitimise their discourse, whether or not the PM is merely being “politically incorrect”, the country is not in safe hands.

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