FactcheckUK: Tory party chairman skewered on live TV for “dystopian” social media manipulation

Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly has been on the wrong end of a car-crash interview… again.

As we reported yesterday evening, the Conservative Campaign HQ changed the name of its Twitter account to “factcheckUK” during the first election TV debate, to (falsely) make it seem like an impartial fact checking service.


However, Cleverly wasn’t allowed to get away with this blatant social media manipulation. After the debate, he was taken to task by BBC Newsnight master interrogator Emily Maitlis, who said: “You dressed up party lines as a fact-check service. That is dystopian.”

Cleverly responded by saying they simply *had* to change the name of the feed, to “call out” Jeremy Corbyn’s views about the NHS.

However (and this is when the skewering occurred), Maitlis immediately came back at the Tory chairman by saying: “Why would you have to change it to something that said fact check, if people believed you when you had it as CCHQ?”

A very good question. As New Statesman journalist Stephen Bush later pointed out on the programme, changing the name of the account was purely designed to “confuse people who are not that digitally literate into thinking they’re looking at a genuine, impartial, fact-check service saying Boris Johnson has won the debate.”

It’s clear who has inspired these sort of Machiavellian political techniques within the Conservative Party. Click here to call on him to be sacked.

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