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Fact checkers prove why Boris Johnson’s election pledge to “Get Brexit Done” is completely unfeasible

A fact checking charity has shown why Boris Johnson’s election pledge to “Get Brexit Done” by January is completely unfeasible.

According to fact checking charity, Full Fact, who have been analysing all the party’s manifesto promises, Boris Johnson’s rhetoric is overzealous as his Brexit deal would not see Britain leave the EU by the end of January.


They said:

“‘Getting Brexit done” is a process, not an event. Boris Johnson is not wrong to say that his deal will get Brexit done, but it is simplistic. The Brexit process will not be completed by January.”

They explained that even if Britain leaves the EU in January, it will still have to follow EU rules during the transition period, paying money into the EU budget. They pointed out that while the transition period is set to run until the end of 2020, it could be extended- especially given that none of the EU’s other recent free trade agreements have been negotiated in under three years.

Despite this, the Conservative Party manifesto uses the robotic phrase “Get Brexit Done” 22 times in their manifesto. Johnson’s adviser, Dominic Cummings seems capable of saying nothing else and the party obsess over rushing the damaging deal.

But the fact checking reveals that this is all just rhetoric, designed to boost support for the party and win the upcoming general election.

Our country deserves better.

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