Everything we know about the Brexit Party’s MP candidates

The Brexit Party has announced hundreds of parliamentary candidates that they will field in the upcoming general election.

Despite an application process so detailed that it asked candidates to reveal their dating history, it seems the party has not done sufficient due diligence, selecting some candidates with radical views on Islam, gay marriage and the death penalty.


Here is everything we have uncovered about the Brexit Party candidates so far.

Marc Stanton, West Lancashire

“I sure as hell am antisemitic now”. These are the words Stanton typed on Facebook, commenting about the Israel-Palestine conflict. But his offensiveness doesn’t stop there. He has said that “the BNP are right” and has spread Islamophobic conspiracy theories about the spread of Shariah law.

He said that his comments had been taken out of context and that he made them after a “tiring day”.

Robin Grey, not yet allocated

Robin Grey told Scram that Tommy Robinson has a “valid criticism of Islam. The former UKIP parliamentary candidate has also showed support for far-right figure Tommy Robinson and has donated to the English Democrats, a far-right political party that has housed former BNP members.

David Ballantine, Edinburgh South West

David Ballantine is another Tommy Robinson supporter who regularly attends his rallies and court appearances and believes he was wrongly imprisoned for contempt of court. He has also used his YouTube channel to call Islam “a child rapist death cult”.

Dionne Cocozza, Glasgow North

Campaign group HOPE not Hate has revealed that this candidate shared Islamophobic posts about Muslim takeovers on Twitter. She has also shared migrant bashing posts and has called backbench Labour MP racist against white people.

Marlene Godwin, Eastleigh

We revealed that Marlene Godwin, the candidate for Eastleigh, supported a decision made by US authorities to stop a Muslim family boarding a flight to Disneyland.

She tweeted a link to a story from 2015, which Stella Creasy said at the time showed “a growing problem” of Muslims being barred for the US. But Godwin commented: “I can’t blame USA for not letting Muslim family travel to Disney [sic]”. She didn’t offer an explanation.

Ian Gorman, Caerphilly

Ian Gorman, the Brexit Party hopeful for Caerphilly, has not put all his political eggs in one basket. Gorman was also until very recently the General Secretary of the Democracy and Veterans Party, a group that has spread the false conspiracy that there are areas in the UK controlled by Sharia Law.

According to its manifesto: “In areas where Muslims are in the majority, Sharia patrols on evenings supersede those of our own police force, curfews for young women are imposed and dress-codes are enforced.”

Democracy and Veterans has also pledged to implement policies that ensure ethnic minorities do not come to outnumber white majority populations – an idea that has motivated numerous white supremacist terrorist attacks in recent months.

Victoria Felton, Barnsley Central

Felton also has links to D&V- she was elected as a councillor for the party in Barnsley, though she now sits as an independent.

John Booker, Penistone and Stocksbridge

The Brexit Party has also picked up a few old UKIP politicians who have brought their hate to Farage’s party.

In April 2017, John Booker, a former UKIP councillor, posted a status on Facebook saying that America was “cutting its own throat” by “not fighting back” against the spread of Islam. He also liked a post claiming that Muslims have a plan to “takeover” the world, and a comment calling for violent action against Muslims.

Wendy Garcarz, Birmingham Erdington

Wendy Garcarz shared a Facebook post comparing Muslims to Nazis earlier this year. The post claimed that Nazis gained power because ordinary Germans thought the majority of Nazis weren’t radical, and that we are now making the same mistake towards Islam – a religion that is “threatening our way of life”.

Just as Ian Gorman’s Democracy and Veterans Party claims, the post also said that there are no-go zones in the UK where Sharia Law dominates.

Andrew Garcarz, Birmingham Ladywood

And her husband is not much better. He has said the world will no be safe “until we destroy” Muslims and has endorsed the conspiracy theory that Europe is being deliberately “flooded” with Muslim migrants to destroy British culture.

Norman Nickason, Kettering

Norman Nickason also shared a Nazi comparison on Facebook. This post said that Britain should not change its culture for Muslims, in the same way we didn’t change our culture for the Nazis.

Mitchell Feierstein, Reading East

And yet the targeting of Muslims doesn’t stop there. Mitchell Feierstein has spread conspiracies about US Muslim politician Ilhan Omar. In a blog for the Times of Israel this year, he said Omar, who fled to the US from Somalia as an asylum seeker, had obtained her US citizenship illegally and that she married her brother. These claims are totally unevidenced.

He has also spread conspiracy theories about 9/11 and Russia.

Dr. Kulvinder Singh Manik, Bradford South and Mike Greene, Peterborough

These candidates have also used the Nazis to score political points. They both shared content comparing Guy Verhofstadt, the EU’s representative in Brexit negotiations, to Hitler, after the EU figure made a speech at the Liberal Democrat conference. Far-right representatives of Tommy Robinson also made the same comparison.

James Timkey, North West Norfolk

Meanwhile, James Timkey has also embroiled himself in Islamophobia. He shared an image implying Sadiq Khan was involved with ISIS. The image also compared Jeremy Corbyn to IRA militants.

Ken Davies, South Derbyshire

Ken Davies once called for the death penalty to be reinstated for Jeremy Corbyn, after it was revealed that the Leader of the Opposition managed to get a seat on a train in 2016, despite claiming it was so busy he had to sit on the floor. Tasteful stuff.

Rachel Warby, South Northamptonshire

Davies is not the only candidate to appear to back the death penalty. Rachel Warby said that she “totally agree[d] with a tweet listing politicians and journalists saying that they should be “arrested for treason” and potentially face “execution or prison”. She later resigned, blaming media scrutiny.

Mike Greene, Peterborough

Mike Greene was one of two Brexit Party candidates to share a violent image about Jo Swinson while female MPs warned in the House of Commons about receiving death threats. The image showed the Liberal Democrat Leader next to a cartoon man with knives in his back and accused her of backstabbing the country.

James Bush, Lichfield

James Bush once accused David Lammy of being “filled with racial hatred for white people”, claiming that this is why Lammy is supportive of the European Union.

Julian Malins, Salisbury

We revealed the second Brexit Party figure to have links with Cambridge Analytica. Like MEP Alexandra Phillips, Julian Malins once was employed by the disgraced data firm, tasked with co-authoring an independent report into the company’s alleged misuse of personal data. He absolved the firm of blame, despite the controversies that were unveiled by journalists including Carole Cadwalladr.

Malins was also once the co-chair of the City of London Standards Committee, alongside Matthew Richardson who introduced the Leave.EU Brexit campaign to Cambridge Analytica.

Dominic Frisby, East London

Dominic Frisby once called on people not to vote, saying that voting “will not change anything.” Writing in a blog for Breitbart, he claimed voting props up a two-party system and that in our current system, “the party which offers the most enticing goodies wins”.

He also wrote a love letter to Nigel Farage for the website, detailing his “kind eyes” which are “focused on you and you alone”. The ‘comedian’ once also wrote a song called “Secretly in Love with Nigel Farage”.

Christopher Barker, Great Grimsby

Christopher Barker was ridiculed for saying that Britain should be able to catch “British fish” after Brexit. This is despite fish obviously not having a nationality. He also hasn’t paid his road tax and his MOT has expired.

Theresa Fahy, North West Hampshire

Theresa Fahy shared a post calling Labour voters “lobotomised cretins”, in a charming move from the Brexit Party candidate. This is despite the fact that the Brexit Party is trying to establish themselves as a credible alternative to Labour in many constituencies.

Caroline Coram, Sleaford and North Hykeham

Standing for the Brexit Party isn’t Caroline Coram’s first foray into politics. In 2015, she stood as a local councillor in Grantham – for the Green Party. During this time, she blasted Nigel Farage on social media and claimed people should be “seriously concerned” about him reaching a position in power. She is now standing to help him reach a position of power. Awkward.

Reverend Sam Norton, Forest of Dean

This ex-UKIP supporter once wrote a blog post outlining his controversial views on the legalisation of gay marriage. He said: “This very significant change is being pushed through in such a fool-hardy fashion,” claiming that politicians were being “driven by a particularly metropolitan form of political correctness”.

Timothy Vince, South Thanet

Another Brexit Party candidate who has shown homophobic views is Timothy Vince. In a car-crash BBC interview, he failed to apologise for allegedly previously describing gay sex as a “shameful deed done in secret” and said that equal marriage had not been included in party manifestos so had been brought in by stealth. He also compared the EU to Satanism and the Nazis.

Robert Farrell, Grenrothes

Bringing the homophobia to Scotland is Robert Farrell, who has said that he is “AT WAR” with the LGBTQ community, who he has deemed “perverts pushing sodomite rights”. He also said they should be made into “shoes and handbags”.

Calvin Robinson, Broxstowe

Nigel Farage may be disappointed to learn that his candidate for Broxstowe recently wrote an article called: “Why I’m Backing Boris Johnson for leader”. He has also accused schools of “indoctrinating” pupils to have left-wing views.

Andy Stewart, Doncaster North and Surjit Duhre, Doncaster Central

The Brexit Party candidates in Doncaster pretended that a car had rammed into Duhre’s Brexit Party trailer, causing it to smash and leading to Duhre’s hospitalisation.

All very horrible except the police said that this did not happen, and that the trailer swerved due to the wind. They added that no-one was hospitalised.

David Blake, Huntingdon

David Blake shared a tweet criticising Jess Phillips and suggesting that female Labour MPs are “especially intellectually challenged”. This shows that the party is also not immune to misogyny. He also shared the same image that Mike Greene shared of Jo Swinson next to a cartoon with knifes in his back, and called EU politicians “feral vermin”.

Martin Daubney, Ashfield

Speaking of misogyny, Martin Daubney who is currently an MEP for the West Midlands has also shared some interesting views about women. He has campaigned for there to be an International Men’s Day recognised in Parliament and has called feminism a “pointless distraction”. The former editor of lads mag, Loaded, also said feminism was to blame for the end of chivalry.

Paul Bullen, North East Cambridgeshire

Paul Bullen shared a poll, asking respondents to vote for the female politician they most “despise”. He whipped up this hatred towards female politicians at a time in which female MPs warned about the death threats they had been receiving in recent days.

Richard Milton, East Worthing and Shoreham

Meanwhile, Farage has decided to stand a climate change denier and conspiracy theorist as a candidate. Richard Milton has written a book called The Facts of Life: Shattering the Myths of Darwinism, in which he denounced Darwinism and natural selection. He has also published an article claiming the science behind climate change is “manipulated”.

Malcolm Bint, East Hampshire

Another candidate who may agree that the science behind climate change is “manipulated” is Malcolm Bint. Bint has shared a stream of tweets denying the existence of climate change, and has suggested that activists in this sphere are “whackos”. People he has retweeted include far-right commentator, Paul Joseph Watson and Bill Mitchell, the host of a Trump supporting online video channel, YourVoice America. If people are judged by the company they keep, then his online behaviour is not a good look.

Jules Morgan, North Warwickshire

Making the climate change denial bloc a merry trio is Jules Morgan who has called climate change “a massive lie”. He said: “The science and models used [in predicting climate change] are not fit for purpose.

Adam Cleary, Lewes

Adam Cleary is standing for election as the Member of Parliament for Lewes. If elected, he will represent local issues and act as an advocate for people in the area. So you would be forgiven for thinking he knows what he is talking about when he plods round the Sussex constituency. But the reality is that Cleary actually a CEO based in London.

Robin Koerner, St Austell and Newquay

This Brexit Party candidate has flirted with the American far-right, once appearing on Alex Jones’s notorious TV show, InfoWars, a show full of conspiracy theories about the US government’s involvement in 9/11 and Donald Trump celebration.

Prabhjit Dhillon, Warwick and Leamington

As reported in the Huffington Post, Dhillon was forced to resign as a parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in September after a number of his “Islamophobic” social media posts were uncovered. These included posts suggesting Britain’s border should be closed to Muslims, and others saying moderate Muslims are complicit in terror.

Adrian Myers, Great Yarmouth

Adrian Myers shared a video, posted by a far-right account, saying that multiculturalism is turning France into a “3rd world sewer”.

Mark Nash, Moray

The Brexit Party dropped Mark Nash as the candidate for Moray after it was revealed he once described Islam as a “cancer” that should be “crushed out of existence”.

He also claimed there was no such thing as a moderate Islam and that the UK is “at war with Islam”.

Why they haven’t dropped the other candidates who have shared similarly abhorrent views, we don’t know.

Nigel Farage left UKIP due to concerns it was becoming too radical, particularly in its attitude to Islam. But it seems that there are candidates in his new party that are capable of sowing the same hate. We will take part of Dominic Frisby’s advice and not vote (for the Brexit Party).

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