Clap for carers: How Europeans are thanking their health workers

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare workers are the unsung heroes.

From supporting patients in the NHS, to caring for vulnerable isolated people, healthcare workers are fighting coronavirus on the frontline every day and for that they deserve our gratitude.


And that is exactly what they have been getting.

Every night in Istanbul, Turkey, at 9pm sharp – people clap and cheer to celebrate their nation’s healthcare workers.

The tradition started a couple of weekends ago when – in European cities including Geneva, Sofia, Rome and Barcelona – citizens under lockdown clapped for the people helping them get through it.

Similar scenes have occurred in Madrid and Seville – where it has become a nightly tradition at 8pm – and today at 8pm the same thing is scheduled to happen in the UK.

“Clap for Carers”, an online campaign, has invited people across the UK to clap from their doorsteps, windows and balconies, to show gratitude for the NHS.

Meanwhile, significant buildings like the Wembley Arch and the Royal Alberty Hall will turn blue to honour the NHS.

We’ll clap for the NHS tonight. Will you?


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