How Donald Trump drove this senior Britain First activist to join the far-right group

A senior member of Britain First has revealed that it was the actions of Donald Trump that caused him to join the far-right group.

Speaking in an interview with party leader Paul Golding, Joseph Lydon, the group’s regional organiser for the East Midlands, said that he came to be aware of Britain First after Trump retweeted videos posted by its team.


Lydon, who is part American, said:

“I think the initial way I found you guys was of course President Trump.

“He retweeted something and then I looked into that further and I found that there weren’t many groups as common to Britain that were for Brtish people first and that put British people and culture and progress to the frontline that would be more common in America.”

In November 2017, US President Donald Trump retweeted three anti-Muslim videos posted by Britain First officials.

One was entitled “Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches” (the Dutch Embassy later confirmed the person was not a migrant).

Another was called “Muslim destroys a Statue of Virgin Mary”.

At the time, then-Prime Minister Theresa May’s official spokesman said it was “wrong for the President to have done this”, and in January 2018 Trump said he was prepared to apologise for it – claiming he knew nothing about the group before sharing its videos.

Trump’s retweets in part caused Twitter to ban Britain First from its platform. However Scram News revealed yesterday that they have now returned with a slight rebrand.

And it now is demonstrably true that Trump’s Britain First sharing spree had consequences – enabling the group to recruit new activists.

The interview with Lydon was posted on Golding’s YouTube channel, which has been active since September despite multiple examples of hate speech.

The two also discussed handing out leaflets in Nottingham, which Golding called “rough”, claiming that immigration and diversity had adversely affected the area.

Let’s hope Trump doesn’t last another year in the Oval Office.


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