Dominic Raab prepared to shut down Parliament to force through Brexit

Conservative leadership contender Dominic Raab has failed to rule out proroguing (i.e. shutting down) Parliament in order to force through a Brexit deal.

Speaking at a One Nation hustings of ‘moderate’ (whatever that means) Tory candidates last night, Raab refused to rule out ending the parliamentary session so the government could pass Brexit unopposed.


Raab’s suggestion has been met angrily by some quarters of the party. International Development Secretary Rory Stewart told ITV’s Peston that it would be illegal, undemocratic, unconstitutional, “and it wouldn’t work.”

Speaking at the hustings, Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd also added that it was “outrageous to consider proroguing Parliament”.

“We are not Stuart kings,” Rudd said.

Ardent Brexiteers claim to be the only people standing up for ‘democracy’ in Britain. Upending Parliament seems like a funny way to bring about democracy.

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