Red-faced Dominic Raab can’t say who’s now in charge of Brexit negotiations

Brexit is banned, apparently. After four years of talking about nothing else, the government is now trying to stop anyone from using the word, in case people realise Boris Johnson hasn’t actually “got Brexit done”.

However, the government seems to have gone to fairly extreme lengths to enforce its Brexit prohibition.


During questions to the Foreign Secretary earlier today, wily Labour backbencher Hilary Benn asked Dominic Raab to confirm which minister is now in charge of Brexit negotiations, given that the Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) has been disbanded.

Benn is chair of Parliament’s Brexit committee, and his role involves scrutinising the individual leading negotiations on behalf of the government.

A red-faced Raab was barely able to offer an intelligible response, however. Clearly unable to answer the question, the Foreign Secretary said:

“Of course there are a whole range of departments that were siphoned into DExEU when it was created. We’ve taken back a significant number of the DExEU officials into the Foreign Office… So they will be integrated into the wider functions of government in the usual way.”

To translate: he has no f*cking idea which minister is leading Brexit trade negotiations.

A cabinet reshuffle is being mooted for later this week. Perhaps we will find out then.


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