Dominic Raab faces betrayal as former Tory MP calls on voters to oust him

The former Conservative MP, Ian Taylor, has called for the constituents of Esher & Walton to reject Raab in favour of the Liberal Democrat candidate, Monica Harding.

In a damning open letter Taylor, who held Raab’s constituency for 23 years said he favoured tactical voting to stop Brexit.


He said:

“The [Brexit] issue will dominate and harm British politics for years to come. So, who represents you in Parliament is critical to what will evolve. The current Prime Minister has in effect put ‘No Deal’ back on the table by the unrealistic deadline he has set for securing a trade deal by the end of 2020. This is a really damaging threat which must not go unchallenged.”

Raab’s current majority is 23,000, but it is looking increasingly insecure. He was booed and heckled at a hustings, and data analysis shows he is predicted to win by just 3000 votes over the Liberal Democrats. If Labour and Green voters were to vote tactically for the Lib Dems, as Taylor suggests, Raab could very well lose.

Taylor also voiced his support for former Conservatives now standing as independents, Dominic Grieve, David Gauke, and Anne Milton. In other areas, he called for people to support pro-European candidates, with the hope of securing either remaining in the EU or having the least harmful Brexit possible.

He concluded: “Monica Harding is, in my personal opinion, the candidate for Esher & Walton best placed to pursue these policies in Parliament.”

It looks like Raab might have to start packing up his office.

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