Dominic Raab’s attempt to sell Brexit to Canadians backfires spectacularly

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Dominic Raab has been shredded by Canadians after writing an article for a national newspaper trying to sell the benefits of Brexit.


Writing for The Globe and Mail during his trip to the country, the Foreign Secretary said: “I am confident that after the UK leaves the European Union, we will be able to do even more together. If you read anything about Brexit being evidence of the UK turning inwards or walking away from our global role, please don’t buy it.”

But these remarks weren’t met with much support from Canadian readers, whose comments were logged by the Twitter account Liquid Faerie.

One commenter succinctly summarised most people’s attitudes to the Foreign Secretary, saying: “You, sir, are a fool.”

Another posed a very legitimate question:

“We realize you are desperately seeking new friends after the Brexit debacle. May we suggest that a chaotic exit from the EU, due entirely to Tory incompetence and greed, may put off rather a lot of potential trade partners?”

Another called Brexit “idiotically considered self harm” and said: “If these madmen actually do manage to push through a no deal Brexit they will be desperate and the negotiating advantage will be Canada’s”.


Raab said in the piece that he was “confident” the two countries will be able to do more together after Brexit. He said: “On this visit, I hope we can find new ways to strengthen our economic relationship.”

But one reader advised Raab to save his “spittle” and told the new Foreign Secretary that “Canada will not be so foolish as to sacrifice its own national interests to support your deluded Brexit fantasy.”

We’re inclined to agree.

36 responses to “Dominic Raab’s attempt to sell Brexit to Canadians backfires spectacularly

  1. What a pathetic and dangerous narcissistic creature this man is. Listing all of his wrong doings, lies and the rest of his deficits would take up too much of my precious time. Let’s concentrate on his positive traits!
    Well, ehm…let me think, oh dear, sorry can’t think of any.

  2. Blame the 17.4 million stupid fU****g morons who voted for the brexit sh** in the first place. Raab, Johnson are politicians they are paid to be stupid.

  3. I wouldnt call leavers morons I would call the just deluded beliievers of all the lies.
    Unless you have been advised what is really true before hand you tend to believe lies when they are spread by official sources.
    The ones at fault here are your politians that preached to the people lies.

    1. The basic problem is that our politicians lie about everything, they simply cannot bring themselves to tell the truth in regard to Brexit, even those that oppose it will not stand up and lay it out as to who is responsible for it and why they are so manic about getting out of the EU.

      As for Rabb, well what can I say apart from sorry we let him out as, to be honest about the man he would have a hard time getting a job as a Disney tour guide, the man is a despicable individual that few in the UK actually trust to do anything but lie, spin and lie about that too, deception and denial are his stock in trade and his trip to Canada is a sham designed to give the impression the UK cabinet is looking for trade deals, in reality, they have no intention of doing any deals with any country as it does not fit in with there narrative to crash the Uk economy, drive up national debt, crush the NHS and ramp-up poverty to unheard-of levels since pre-industrial days.

      All this to make the populace compliant while they set about picking the country clean, The Tories took all the fat, sated themselves on the meat and have now turned to the bones and all this because the EU wanted to force them to shut down tax havens and give up the names of those using them, Brexit is just the final phase in a longterm plan driven by the ERG and backed by shadowy money men.

  4. We in Scotland have never believed anything that spouts from that sewage pipe raab, or in any case from a lying, thieving, paedophilic riddled Tory party. Engerland will leave the eu, Scotland and Northern Ireland will leave the UK followed by Wales and we can all sit on our deck chairs sipping on a gin and tonic whilst we watch and celebrate as little engerland drowns in its own filth.

    1. Let’s hope so. Without the dead wood even the worst Brexit wouldn’t be so bad. It’d be like ridding ourselves of the 30 year old unemployed son who lives in your basement.

  5. Dominic Rabb is the biggest clown in British politics, which is a very good accomplishment saying he’s surrounded by the clowns controlling are country!

    1. This is from a man and a party that doesn’t know what the people of Scotland wants or needs . They don’t care about the people never have .people in UK were lord too.misleaded to the vote .personally I believe in the long run its good for Scotland .you just need to look at what is happening to the pound.jobs . investmens etc and this is before we leave .every country in the world will have an advantage over UK now when it comes to trade the UK gov is naked shame on you .and you call yourselves great Britain hahaha your are the laughing stock of the he world. One word from me ….freeeddddooommm

  6. They shall not pass! No Pasaran they cried in Spain 1936. We shout the same and even if we go under on 31 Oct…….like the Spanish Democracy we shall rise again!

  7. I live in the UK and im frightened We have it so good in the EU With workers rights, free movement,Health and safety,And lots more.The reason this referendum was called was The EU are closing the tax loopholes also it was to appeas the right wing And Farage, Banks and the russians who supposedly bankrolled the leave campaign with so many lies that have since been debunked.But the leavers still want it?I can see a civil war in this green and not so pleasant land now But i wonder if that is what the establishment of this country want Divide and conquer.

  8. Brexiteers were sold a lie and the Tory party are so steeped in self interest they are determined to push it through despite the the huge economic costs. The best they can realistically offer is that the effects won’t be so bad as some predictions. So Why do it?

  9. There are three distinguishing features of Brexit – lies, lies and lies. The High Priests of Brexit spout them, and Brexiter faithful swallow them without question. Disturbing times indeed!

  10. For all the thick people who have commented on here let me remind you what took place. There was a vote to leave the eu
    it was explained during the campaign what we would be leaving. The vote was won by the leave campaign. The mps had a duty to deliver the result they have failed to do so. Boris will deliver the result. If little Canada does not wish to trade with the uk that’s fine keep your goods. We are the 5 largest economy in the world you are not. We are a nuclear power you are not. We believe in democracy you clearly do not. Leaving the eu for a lot of us is not about trade it’s about being in control of our own destiny. If you don’t like that or don’t understand that’s your problem not ours. A big part of leaving is not being told what’s best for our country by little Canadians or stupid remoaners. We are a great country and will prosper.

    1. UK unless under some mistaken illusion is not a country, but three plus a province in NI, two of which voted remain, those two will be ceding from the UK, enjoy.

    2. And that misplaced English arrogance is one of the root causes of Brexit. Britain is a medium sized power. It no longer has an empire. It relies, like all countries, on its alliances and deals with the rest of the world, by far the most important of which is the huge market next door – the EU. Unless you’re the US or China (and even then not always) you cannot go it alone in this modern world. It is fatuous and deluded of Brexiters to think otherwise and we in Britain will all be paying the price for their foolishness.

    3. Sorry, Rob, but Brexit ‘delivers’ nothing. It simply destroys all that has been achieved over forty years, including – not least – two valuable, hard-won concessions: remaining outside the Schengen Agreement and the Eurozone.
      A 2013 survey by the ONS (International comparisons of productivity) showed that France (+27%), Germany (+28%) and Italy (+9%) all exceeded UK’s productivity, and by a considerable margin. All three, like the UK, are net contributors to the EU budget.
      While we may have the fifth largest economy in the world, as you state, this is skewed by population size. On the basis of GDP per head, the data is less flattering. According to World Bank data for 2017, the UK ranks 24th globally, behind Luxembourg, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Finland. Therefore as measured by individual wealth, it scores among the worst for Western European EU member states.
      The UK would lack the leverage it enjoys as an EU member – for instance, participation in the recent EU/Japan trade deal – and be forced to accept ‘America First.’
      I may be only a stupid remoaner, but please look at the recent steady decline in the Pound: that’s the verdict of the rest of the world on Brexit and what it would mean for the UK economy.

    4. The fatal flaw in democratic referendums is that there are more dumb people than smart people a fact not lost on the architects of the leave campaign
      I have no doubt that the Brexiteers among us see Boris Johnson has a Messiah to bring about their vision of the future and with such a special adviser as Dominic Cummings we should all be on our guard.
      The Johnson Junta with its advisers from both within and out of the country if not stopped will rape this country and consign it to a political and economic hell

    5. I am English and that twat does not speak for me. What the Tories are doing is the biggest heist in history. Johnson and Co have hijacked Parliament so that they can cash in on the pound which they have deliberately crashed. They should be brought up for treason. They are trying to condemn future generations to misery in the name of their greed and they think that it’s funny

  11. For Rob Hunter – the referendum was swung by lies, deceit, and illegal practices and would have been declared void had it been an election – remember the record fines of the leaver side? It was a vote by many xenophobic little englanders who think they won the war and still hanker after the good old days when you could march into a country by force, kill all the opposition, pillage the resources and say how’s that for civilisation? Bow many laws have the EU stopped the UK from making? Zero. And the UK has dropped to seventh in the economy stakes.

  12. Sign, and ask everyone you can to urgently sign the “Revoke Article50 and Remain in the EU” Parliamentary Petition. It is simple. Just put the it in a search engine and follow instructions.
    It closes on August 20th, so only 11 more days to go.
    Only 6.095 Million signed it so far. There are plenty more desperate Remainers in the UK. Let’s make a huge effort and spread the word. It is not much mentioned in the Media. I wonder why?
    Yorkshire Granny

  13. The sovereignty of England is at stake.

    Unelected Euro officials ought not have ultimate power without proper representation from the UK as well
    as other members.

    Build a Euro Union that elects officials by
    a vote from all citizens of every country that belongs to the EU. Treat
    the weaker nations like Greece, Portugal fairly .

    Build a Democracy of participation and strong consent if the EU is to survive.

    1. “Duke” Cummings is an unelected official appointed by the Tory PM Johnson to ensure that Brexit happens, and the UK leaves the EU by end of October this year – come what may, by fair means or foul. Duke is far more toxic than any EU official, and has started by threatening government ministers. This is not going to end well, unfortunately.

    2. The members of the European Parliament are elected by the citizens of all EU countries. We’ve just had an election, or didn’t you notice? (You may also have noticed that the UK is made up of four nations, not just England.)

    3. How many times do we have to participate in EU elections for people to realise that those dastardly unelected bureaucrats are, in fact, elected by those of us who can be bothered to turn off Strictly Love Island Voice or whatever pap is currently being fed to us, and go out to vote?

  14. Just a reminder: “Little England” has a population of 56 million. Little Scotland on the other hand has a population of 4 million.

  15. Please do not under-estimate Mr Raab. He’s just reached an agreement with Mexico on a new trade deal!
    Oh, I nearly forgot, the EU just signed one of their own with Mexico last year. A shame he’s gone to all the extra trouble.

  16. It’s so much easier to tell people a pack of lies than it ever is to persuade them that the’ve been lied to. Raab, Johnson, Gove, Cummings and the rest of the shysters know how gullible the public is.

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