Dominic Raab’s attempt to sell Brexit to Canadians backfires spectacularly

Dominic Raab has been shredded by Canadians after writing an article for a national newspaper trying to sell the benefits of Brexit.

Writing for The Globe and Mail during his trip to the country, the Foreign Secretary said: “I am confident that after the UK leaves the European Union, we will be able to do even more together. If you read anything about Brexit being evidence of the UK turning inwards or walking away from our global role, please don’t buy it.”


But these remarks weren’t met with much support from Canadian readers, whose comments were logged by the Twitter account Liquid Faerie.

One commenter succinctly summarised most people’s attitudes to the Foreign Secretary, saying: “You, sir, are a fool.”

Another posed a very legitimate question:

“We realize you are desperately seeking new friends after the Brexit debacle. May we suggest that a chaotic exit from the EU, due entirely to Tory incompetence and greed, may put off rather a lot of potential trade partners?”

Another called Brexit “idiotically considered self harm” and said: “If these madmen actually do manage to push through a no deal Brexit they will be desperate and the negotiating advantage will be Canada’s”.


Raab said in the piece that he was “confident” the two countries will be able to do more together after Brexit. He said: “On this visit, I hope we can find new ways to strengthen our economic relationship.”

But one reader advised Raab to save his “spittle” and told the new Foreign Secretary that “Canada will not be so foolish as to sacrifice its own national interests to support your deluded Brexit fantasy.”

We’re inclined to agree.

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