“Unbearable”: Dominic Raab’s attempt to sell Brexit deal backfires spectacularly

The government is waging a PR war this morning, trying to convince MPs of all stripes to back Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal.

However, in typical Boris fashion, some members of the government are trying their hardest to self-destruct.


Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was the main culprit on the Today programme this morning.

Lauding Johnson’s negotiating skills, he said the PM had agreed a “cracking deal” for Northern Ireland, because the country will keep “frictionless access to the single market and customs union.”

This is perhaps the most blatant, mind-numbing hypocrisy we’ve reported on for quite a while.

Frictionless access to the single market and customs union is what we CURRENTLY HAVE, as members of the EU. If Raab thinks this constitutes a “cracking deal”, then why the hell does he want us to leave?

This stupefyingly ignorant comment has obviously raised a few eyebrows in Westminster. In response, Labour MP Jess Phillips tweeted: “Great can we have that deal for the Birmingham car industry too? Asking for thousands of friends.”

We hope the Foreign Secretary is asked about this, when he next pops into a radio studio.

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