Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings sacks adviser who confronted him about bullying

An adviser who criticised Dominic Cummings for his “unkindness” has been removed from her job.

According to BuzzFeed News, Lynn Davidson who advised Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has been removed after she called out Boris Johnson’s chief adviser over his treatment of colleagues.


At a weekly meeting of ministerial aides, witnesses said Davidson told Cummings he had been “out of order” and that he should show more consideration to young people “doing their best in incredibly difficult circumstances”.

This came after Cummings insensitively quipped in another meeting with advisers: “I’ll see some of you next week.”

A government source said Number 10 had attempted to move Davidson to the the Department of Health prior to her confrontation with Cummings. Wallace had appealed for Davidson to remain on his team but Cummings refused, and she has instead been booted out of government.

Cummings has of course been accused of behaving badly towards staff in the past. He once escorted a junior staff member out of Downing Street and has been described by senior politicians as being a “deeply malevolent force” who has more power than he is mandated.

Cummings is running wild – sign this petition if you think he should be sacked.



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