Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings treating people like “robots”, says former civil service chief

Dominic Cummings is treating people like robots, a former top civil servant has said.

Speaking on the Red Box Politics podcast, Lord O’Donnell, former cabinet secretary (the highest position in the civil service) said that the current government has forgotten that it is dealing with humans.


He said: “One of the big innovations that’s been recently in the delivery of public services is all about the behavioural approach… accepting the fact that we are dealing with humans not robots which is a problem with Dominic Cummings’ approach”.

O’Donnell carried on to say that Cummings is designing policies “based on perfectly rational individuals who never make mistakes and who are never impatient and always save enough.”

Cummings, one of the most senior figures in Downing Street, has faced rampant criticism since he became a special adviser to Boris Johnson. He has been called a “deeply malevolent force” and has been blamed for moving the Conservative Party to the hard-right.

O’Donnell added that understanding human behaviour enabled previous governments to help disadvantaged people, and that Cummings’ approach would undermine these efforts.

If ever there needed to be another reason to sack Cummings, this is it.

2 responses to “Dominic Cummings treating people like “robots”, says former civil service chief

  1. Unfortunately the big Tory majority in the election will simply have vindicated Cummings’ sociopathic and inhumane approach to public policy, at least in his own eyes.

  2. Well of course he does.
    People with the following issues:-
    -communication troubles
    -problems relating to others
    -possible Narcissistic Personality Disorder
    -rampant ego
    -manic depression
    -manipulative behaviour
    -massive chip on shoulder
    do exactly that kind of thing.
    But nobody sane gives them a position of power.
    Which brings us to his child’s-motorcycle-riding boss.

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