Dominic Cummings edited blog to add references to coronavirus

The trial of Dominic Cummings reached a dramatic peak yesterday afternoon, after the Downing Street puppet master subjected himself to a grilling from members of the press.

Cummings, who’s facing a backlash for travelling 260 miles with his wife and four year-old son, claimed that he has taken the risk of pandemics more seriously than most.


The evidence?

Classic Dom pointed to a blog that he wrote last year, about the risk of pandemics, that he says warned about the threat of corona viruses.

“For years, I have warned of the dangers of pandemics. Last year I wrote about the possible threat of coronaviruses and the urgent need for planning,” he said.

Cummings did indeed write a blog about pandemics in March 2019, entitled: “The most secure bio-labs routinely make errors that could cause a global pandemic & are about to re-start experiments on pathogens engineered to make them mammalian-airborne-transmissible.”


However, it turns out that a reference to corona viruses was only added to the article in the past couple of months – some time between 9th April and 3rd May.

Indeed, various screenshots of Cummings’ blog have been captured by the internet archive machine, Wayback.

A screengrab of the blog from 9th April shows no reference to corona viruses. However, magically, on 3rd May a reference to coronavirus suddenly appeared.

9th April edition of the blog.
3rd May edition of the blog.

Those who tuned into Cummings’ press conference yesterday will note that he returned to work on 14th April, 17 days after developing COVID symptoms.

It seems as though at some point in this window – between contracting the disease and the immediate aftermath of returning to work – Cummings edited his blog to add references to coronavirus.

We can only guess why.