Dominic Cummings behind leaked Brexit briefing, says former cabinet minister

Dominic Cummings is likely to have written a Brexit briefing that was leaked last night, a former cabinet minister has said.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, Amber Rudd said that a leaked briefing which revealed that the government will seek to punish EU countries that agree to a Brexit delay is likely to have come from Boris Johnson’s advisor.


She said:

“It sounds angry and desperate and the language that is used, I do not believe should be the language of a UK government.”

“Since it has not been denied from No. 10… one can only presume it comes from the centre from the Prime Minister’s advisor  and the style of it seems to imply that.”

Rudd is not the only person to have criticised the briefing. Johnson’s former advisor, Guto Harri called it “uber-aggressive” and “alienating” and similarly suggested that it seemed like it had come from Dominic Cummings.

Meanwhile, Cummings has been alienating politicians himself. Tory rebel Margot James has called him a “deeply malevolent force” while Ken Clarke has suggested he is running the country. . Meanwhile, Tory MP Sir Roger Gale called him an “unelected, foul-mouth oaf” after reports emerged that he had intimidated Tory MPs and David Gauke has called on Boris Johnson to sack him.

Now, it seems that his bully-boy tactics may be influencing Brexit negotiations.

How worrying.

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