Dominic Cummings reveals anti-immigration message underpinning Boris campaign

Boris Johnson enforcer and chief strategist Dominic Cummings has written a new blog. The joys.

Obviously deeply bored by this election campaign, Cummings has written a 2,200 word letter addressed to “Vote Leave supporters,” instructing them how to campaign during the last couple of weeks of the election period.


Despite being long-winded and self-indulgent, this love letter to Leave supporters does give an insight into the Tory election campaign.

Primarily, Cummings informs Tories about the “strongest argument” that will help to persuade voters on the doorstep and online.

This argument revolves around telling people that millions of foreign citizens will be able to vote in a second referendum, and that Corbyn will enable “unlimited immigration from the whole world not just Europe.”

The Cummings message to voters goes like this:

“You’ve seen the shambles MPs have made of everything since the referendum, how it has distracted everybody from other important issues and how it has made Britain a laughing stock. If Boris gets a Conservative majority he’ll get his deal through by 31 January. All that babble in Parliament with the MPs spinning their wheels will largely vanish from the news. 

“If Corbyn and Sturgeon walk into Downing Street on Friday 13th, Corbyn will spend half next year negotiating some new deal he can’t explain then the second half of the year will be a cheated referendum in which millions of foreign citizens will be allowed to vote. It’s guaranteed chaos. Then he’ll waste 2021 on another Scottish referendum. Politics will never be off the TV. The shambles of the past three years will go on. Meanwhile he and Sturgeon will be banging up your taxes and the NHS will have his four-day week plus unlimited immigration from the whole world not just Europe.

“Boris can make decisions. He’s hiring thousands more police and nurses. With him the country can move on. He’ll invest in the NHS, he’ll invest in science and he’ll really shake up Westminster. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, and I respect those who voted Remain, the politicians promised ‘one vote and we’ll respect it’. Respecting democracy is even more important than Leave or Remain. A cheated second referendum will be a disaster.”

It strikes us as particularly ironic that Cummings is giving campaigning advice to Tories, given that he openly admits in the piece that he has never been a member of the Conservatives, or any other political party.

It’s also ironic that Cummings is calling it a “cheated” second referendum, when the Brexit campaign group that he directed, Vote Leave, was fined £61,000 by the Electoral Commission for its breaches of electoral law.

What’s more, the Vote Leave supremo isn’t exactly brimming with optimism, claiming there’s a “very real possibility of a hung Parliament” after the election.

“You will see many polls in the coming days. Some will say Boris will win. Trust me, as someone who has worked on lots of campaigns, things are MUCH tighter than they seem and there is a very real possibility of a hung Parliament.”

With your help, we can thwart Cummings and his xenophobic campaign.


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