Catherine Blaiklock

Disgraced Brexit Party founder paid £14,000 after being dumped by Farage

The co-founder and former leader of the Brexit Party, forced to resign for sharing anti-Islam tweets, was later paid £14,000 by the party, new documents reveal.

Electoral Commission records covering the 2019 European election period show that Catherine Blaiklock was paid £14,274 on 23rd May by Nigel Farage’s party.


Blaiklock resigned from her role as leader of the Brexit Party on 20th March, 2019 – after journalists revealed she had shared anti-Islam social media posts from far-right figures.

In November, Scram News exposed Blaiklock’s central role in the formation of the party (which is actually a private company). The disgraced former leader claims she bought the name of the company, “well before Nigel [Farage] left UKIP,” and that she “controlled everything from shares to bank accounts.”

Blaiklock gave up her shares once she was forced out of the party, leaving Farage with a majority shareholding of 60%.

However, Electoral Commission documents reveal that Blaiklock lawyered up and extracted a good chunk of money for her time setting up the party.

Blaiklock’s £14k+ invoice was sent to Farage by Spire Solicitors, who said their client was asking for payment for “acting for you in connection with issues concerning formation of The Brexit Party Limited.”

Blaiklock charged the party £11,700 for her time, while her solicitors charged £2,100. Blaiklock also added £474 in expenses.

After resigning from the party, Blaiklock waged a quite public war against Farage – accusing him of failing to address her concerns about Islam.

Blaiklock’s language also became more and more overt. She for example claimed that immigrants were receiving illegal operations in Slough General hospital. Slough General hospital doesn’t exist.

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