David Lammy: opponents are “scraping the barrel” over Keir Starmer allegations

David Lammy has said that Keir Starmer’s opponents are “scraping the barrel” over accusations about the Labour leadership contender.

Over the weekend, Starmer’s campaign was reported to the Information Commissioner over allegations that members of his team tried to hack Labour Party membership data.


However, speaking to the Today programme this morning, Lammy – who is vice chair of the campaign – said these claims are totally false.

“It didn’t happen. I can categorically say this did not happen,” he told the programme.

Lammy says he’s spoken to the relevant people involved in the campaign, and that it’s “scurrilous” to say that they tried to access any confidential data.

Asked who he thought was behind these allegations, Lammy said he had no idea, but that they were “scraping the barrel”.

With ballots set to drop later this month, Starmer is currently the clear frontrunner in the Labour leadership campaign.

The North London MP currently boasts the most nominations from local Labour parties, and polls suggest he is the favourite among party members.

It seems only an almighty scandal could knock him off track. Perhaps that’s what his opponents are trying to manufacture.


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